Team Joshua

Michelle’s son, Joshua, has a rare brain disorder resulting in significant physical disabilities. He primarily gets around in a wheelchair, is unable to speak and needs full assistance for daily living. He’s the most wonderful kid in the world!

After a number of incidents with Josh on the sidelines of various sporting events watching his peers play, crying because he couldn’t play, Michelle was determined to find a community sporting event that he could participate in. Inspired by Team Hoyt, a father and son team in the US (see, they started running together.

Josh LOVED it. He had his own racing bib, was cheered on by other runners and spectators and was right in the heart of the action where he loves to be!

TEAM JOSHUA was born.

They have run numerous half marathons and in 2009 completed the BMO Vancouver Full Marathon (42.2 km).

Their dream is to qualify for and run the Boston Marathon, the oldest and most prestigious marathon in the world, as a way to raise awareness of the challenges facing families of children with disabilities. The issues for these families are overwhelming.

Guiding Principles

Running with Joshua is first and foremost about his joy, enabling him to actively participate in community sporting events and live life to the full.

It’s about Michelle and Josh doing something fun together.
It’s about getting off the couch.
It’s about overcoming adversity and making a beautiful life out of difficult circumstances.
It’s about doing the best you can with what you’ve got.


Inclusion. Message to the world, COUNT ME IN!!
Raise awareness of disability issues.
Advocate for disability rights.

Long Term Vision

Create a charitable organization (The Joshua Foundation) that provides coaching, mentoring, training and ‘on the ground’ resources to equip families with a disabled child to manage life more optimally rather than in crisis mode which is so often the case.

Make a Donation

Your financial support enables Team Joshua to participate in running events and supports their efforts to advocate for families with a special needs child.
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